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Mumbai, April 19 -- Back in 2010, actor Kangana Ranaut had been appreciated for her role in a gangster flick, which featured a remix of the hit song 'Duniya mein logon ko' originally sung by Asha Bhosle.

In her recent hit, too, Kangana was seen grooving to a remixed song 'Maine hothon se lagayi toh', which had originally been sung by Bhosle.    

Now, in Kangana's next, the veteran singer will be lending her voice to a song named 'Kaafi nahi chaand'.    

And considering the fact that Kangana has struck box-office gold whenever her film featured a song by Bhosle, the upcoming film's team is hoping that her lucky streak continues.    

Ask Kangana about this and she says, "I am a great fan of Asha ji and have grown up listening to her songs. I am quite elated that Asha ji will be singing a song for my upcoming film."

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  1. Action Jackson INR 53 cr.
  2. Ungli INR 19 cr.
  3. Happy Ending INR 20 cr.
  4. Kill Dil INR 30 cr.
  5. Rang Rasiya INR 4.75 cr.

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