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Kangana Ranaut gets a vintage car to promote Rangoon


Kangana Ranaut, who plays Jaanbaaz Julia’ in Rangoon, loves getting into the skin of her character, and she is will soon have a reward for the same: Kangana wil be seen travelling in an exquisite vintage car, for promotions of her film next month.

Rangoon seems to have a lot of British influence as depicted in the trailer and songs as the film is based in the 1940s, when India was fighting for Independence.

Vintage cars have a classy vibe and definitely make heads turn, as does the feisty ‘Julia.’ We also see a glimpse of vintage cars in the trailer itself and it builds curiosity about the ambience of the 1940s.

It is going to be strikingly refreshing to see a vintage car being driven around and who better than ‘Toofan Ki Beti’ to come out of the vintage cars.

Directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and also starring Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor, the film is a passionate period drama set against the backdrop of World War II and is all set to hit the big screens on February 24.