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Kangana Ranaut calls Emraan 'best kisser'

Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, Dec. 21 -- Emraan Hashmi has been known as the 'serial kisser' for long in Bollywood, but the actor has always maintained that he does not like the tag and would rather be noted for his acting.

But a particular scene in Kangana Ranaut's next, Queen, could give the tag more mileage. The actor calls Emraan the world's best kisser in one of her scenes.     

Director Vikas Bahl mentions that the line is part of a scene when Kangana is having a conversation with a foreigner. "In the film, Kangana is travelling out of India and while talking to someone, she mentions that Emraan is the best kisser in the world," says Vikas.

He further adds, "Indians think that they are the best at everything. So we decided that if there ever was a kissing competition, Emraan would represent India. That's why we decided to hail him as the best kisser in the world."     

In fact, it was Kangana who came up with the idea of referring to Emraan in the line. "Kangana and I were co-writing the dialogues, but the way this line is said was her idea," says the director. Ask him if he is worried about Emraan getting offended as he does not like the tag 'serial kisser', and he says, "We are not calling him that at all. We are just saying that he is really good at what he has done on-screen. It's been done in very good taste. So we hope he likes it."