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Kangana to play a double role in her next!

Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai, April 10 -- Kangana Ranaut was lauded for her performance in Queen (2014). In the last few months, the film has continued to affect the way makers draft a script for the actor.

Apparently, now, direc-tor Aanand L Rai wants the actor to play a "challenging"" role in his upcoming film. After watching Kangana's performance in Queen last year, Aanand decided to cast her as a new-age Heer in his next.

"After Tanu Weds Manu (2011), I wanted to challenge the actor in Kangana, and she overcame those challenges very smoothly [during the shooting of the sequel of the film]. So I decided to come up with something even more challenging for her," the director had told us in an earlier interview.

So for his next film, Aanand gave Kangana a chance to play a double role, something that the actora hasn't done so far. Reportedly, he was looking for a Kangana lookalike for the sequels to Tanu Weds Manu, and he even conducted auditions for it. But, after watching Queen, he dropped the idea and decided to give Kangana a double role in the film.

When contacted, Aanand said, "After seeing Queen, I felt that if there is any actor who can face Kangana and take her head on, it's Kangana herself." The actor, on her part, found playing two roles demanding. She says, "It's very challenging to play two strong characters pitted against each other, and I can never tell which one I love more."