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Kangana needed to be overconfident: Vikas

Kangana Ranaut

New Delhi, Jan. 29 -- Director Vikas Bahl likes to "tell unconventional stories" in the most relatable manner. In his own words, his "characters like to take charge of their lives and rise above the circumstances".    

He is ready with his next directorial venture, Queen, after Chillar Party (2011). Queen, a heroine-centric film, has actor Kangana Ranaut as the protagonist. But it could have been a boy's story too.    

"The film is from a girl's point of view, but it might have been a boy's too. What happens to Kangana's character could happen to anyone," he shares.

The director feels that Kangana needed to be overconfident to come this far.    "She is such a good actor and has always comeback stronger. And if she weren't overconfident, she wouldn't have come this far. Her journey from a small town to making a name in the industry required her to be overconfident. Today, she is called a fashion queen, big star, straight forward... that takes a lot," he justifies.    

Queen, which is yet-to-be released in India, was much appreciated at the Busan film festival (2010). "It's a universal story. But it was fantastic to see the response of audience at Busa. It shows that our struggles and lives are almost the same world over," Vikas observes.