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Kangana: 'I want to be in a relationship'

Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai, March 26 -- Kangana Ranaut is currently busy celebrating the rave reviews her latest release is getting and basking in the praises showered on her, but the a actor is now ready to juggle work with play. "I want to be in a relationship," says Kangana, who has been single for quite some time now.

"I want to move away from movies and have a life. Ideally, I would want to do one movie in a year or two, but the offers now are so tempting, it's hard to refuse. So where will I make the time to date someone?"    

Quiz her about prospective dates and she reveals that there's a "special friend" in her life. "I have a friend who has been pursuing me for a while now. He lives in New York (USA) and he's a very dear friend. Frankly speaking, I'd love to date him. He's a very nice guy and he's fun. But I'm not sure what's going to happen," she says.    

However, the actor refuses to divulge too many details about this mystery man. Kangana adds that it's difficult for her to find time for a relationship at this point. "With the kind of roles I play, I'm not myself. And I become the character for a very long time. So it's difficult, right? I want to be with him, but I don't think it's happening. Let's see how that goes," she says.