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Kangana: Films come and films go

Kangana Ranaut


New Delhi, Aug. 6 -- With a fair share of struggle gle and a string of Bollywood hits behind her, Kangana Ranaut can safely say that the roles she is offered make all the difference.

"Films come and films go, what lasts is the work you get. And, it's only now that I'm getting very good opportunities. A film might only work for a weekend or run for six weekends straight, but what really matters is the time you give to a project," says Kangana.

"Over the years, there are different people you meet, different experiences that come your way - all these things help you evolve," adds the 28-year-old.

We caught up with Kangana at the recently-concluded couture week in the Capital, where she walked for designer Manav Gangwani, so a question about ramp-induced nerves was inevitable.

The actor, who had struggled with the train of her gown and tripped during a fashion week finale last year, said she was nervous this time too.

"Did you see that runway? It was a really long walk! I was very nervous, especially because the gown was so heavy, it was hard to walk. I was just hoping I don't trip or mess it up ... but in the end, it all just worked out," she concluded.