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Kangana is on cloud nine!

Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai, June 7 -- Any actor would feel special if their performance in a film is appreciated by their contemporaries. Kangana Ranaut had a special moment a couple of days ago, when Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor gave her a positive feedback.

"Aamir told Kangana that 'Forget actresses, no one is doing the kind of work she is doing, not even male actors.'

On the other hand, Ranbir praised her, saying, 'She is a genius, and right up there with the greats,'" says a source close to Kangana.

The actor, who is apparently a fan of Aamir and Ranbir's work, is elated.

"She looks forward to their work and feedback. She is elated with their reactions," adds the source. When contacted, Kangana confirmed the news, and said, "Aamir and Ranbir loved my performance and their feedback means a lot to me."