Kangana Ranaut
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Kangana celebrates for more than one reason!

Kangana Ranaut

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Kangana has more reasons to celebrate! Besides her birthday, for which she threw a birthday bash, she also won the Best Actress award for the 62nd National Film Awards the next day. Finally!!!

She’s one year older, and one notch more stylish and successful! Her cropped air look, white dress with embellished collars, and her red lipstick were all to blow your mind away! And why not? Her birthday bash pictures show that she’s quite close to fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

We are extremely happy that Kangana won the very well-deserved award, and we wish her all the best for this new year in her life! May it bring more success, more love from the industry, and more style!