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Did Ragini MMS makers bluff about Kangana?

New Delhi, Jan. 23 -- Actor Kangana Ranaut has slammed reports that she is likely to play the lead in part three of the Ragini MMS franchise, produced by Ekta Kapoor. While the film's director, Bhushan Patel, went on record to state that the actor has been approached for the role, Kangy (who is presently in New York) seems to be taken aback.

"I don't know him (Patel). I keep my phone off most of the time. I don't take calls, especially not from unknown numbers," says Kangana, denying the fact that they have spoken on phone.    

Before calling Kangana, we even decided to check with her sister, Rangoli, who is also her manager (and handles her dates and assignments). "I am the one who gets all the calls and queries, and even I didn't get any call from anyone in this regard," says Rangoli, adding that she isn't even aware of any such film being made.    

Kangana also expressed shock that her name was being attached to a film without her consent or knowledge.    

"It's not funny that people are associating your name with films you're completely unaware of. How can one give statements like that? It's horrific. I'm not doing the film!"

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