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Why Kalki Koechlin wants to meet Eddie Redmayne

Kalki Koechlin


Mumbai, March 20 -- Film awards and festivals this year have recognised movies with disabled characters. Two actors who have been praised are Eddie Redmayne - who won an Oscar for playing motor neurone disease-afflicted scientist Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything (2014) - and Kalki Koechlin, whose character in an upcoming film is affected by the same disease. She has won praise and awards at a few festivals for the same.

A source close to Kalki says, "At festivals in Toronto and Estonia, they were nominated in the same category for playing similar roles. Kalki, who saw Eddie's film recently, could relate to the hard work he has put into playing such an intense role."

The duo missed each other at these two events, despite both winning awards in Estonia. They were even approached by the festival to host a press conference together, but their timings could not be worked out. They also missed out on seeing each other at festivals in London and Bhutan. Interestingly, we're told that Eddie was impressed when he saw portions of Kalki's film and was keen to meet her.

Confirming the news, Kalki says, "Many people compared our films at festivals and felt that they are similar in vibe. While I don't think that's true, I am keen to meet and talk to him about the process. But, it hasn't work out yet."