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Crowdfunding for Kalki Koechlin's next!

Kalki Koechlin


Mumbai, Oct. 3 -- Kalki Koechlin, whose last outing was the experimental film, Margarita With A Straw (2014), will next be seen in another off-beat movie.

The project is being helmed by Nicholas Kharkongor. The film has been apparently made on a limited budget. In fact, actors Kalki and Rajat Kapoor came on board without charging any fee.

"When I presented the script to them, they were very excited, and happy to come on board for free," says Nicholas. A sizeable amount of logistical expenses have also been contributed by the director's friends and associates.

Nicholas reveals, "The film is about an affluent business empire, so we reached out to people with sprawling bungalows, explained the concept to them. Some were happy to lend their houses out for free to shoot the film. We also tied up with a food joint that delivered meals at no cost. We were lucky to have people who lent us their cars as well. These efforts helped bring down the cost considerably."

However, the director claims that despite all the efforts, the production team is still falling short of around '20 lakh to complete the post-production process.

To cover the shortage, Nicholas has now decided to resort to crowdfunding. "We didn't want to bring any studio on board because we didn't want them to have a say on how the film had to be made. We wanted to make the film the way we've envisioned it."

"Crowdfunding was the natural thing to do. It meant reaching out to people who believed in the film, and were excited enough to help us raise the amount required. We have had a lot of people from abroad, from the private and the public sector, who have put in a considerable amount of money," says Nicholas.

He hopes to release the movie across festivals to attract the attention of distributors for further theatrical release.