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Shah Rukh envies Kajol's working style..



New Delhi, Dec. 15 -- While the world has raved about the magical chemistry between actors Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the former praises her working style and ability to choose the films she wants to do.

"I think perhaps one of the biggest gifts that an actor can have is that he or she can do a film when they feel like doing it, like Kajol does," he says adding, "I think God has been kind to her - a marriage, two babies now, and having done some really wonderful films...(she has) been responsible for some of the nicest films that I have done. But to still be in a position where you know you will do it if you feel like it is a great place to be in."

While her fans wait for them to share screen space again, SRK says that Kajol will only take up a film if she believes in it. "It's not that I think there's a dearth of people wanting to cast Kajol or that Kajol is inaccessible. I think it's just that whenever she will feel like it, she will. One thing with Kajol is that you can be rest assured that apart from the director, she too completely believes in the film. There are films scripts which she and I have both heard, but not done for some reasons," says the actor, who has worked with her in the cult film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995).