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Kajol: Ajay is one of those risk-taking actors..



Mumbai, Jan. 2 -- Kajol's comeback vehicle, which will be produced by her husband Ajay Devgn will go on the floors this year. The actor is happy about returning to the big screen and also looking forward to seeing her husband's directorial next.

"Our production house is going to start a film soon. It is Ajay's directorial, but my film will also be starting some time [soon] in the new year," she says.

And even though Kajol has been lauded for her acting skills, she feels that her husband is the better actor. "Ajay is one of those risk-taking actors. He's the only actor I know who has been successful in every genre - comedy, romance, action or anything else. He was so uncomfortable with comedy at first, but he did it so well. That's something I find commendable as an actor. I'm not as great," she says, adding that "it takes a different kind of bravery to take those kinds of risks".

Interestingly, Kajol, who is an avid reader thought of writing, but never got around to actually doing it. "I did [think about it], but I just didn't have the patience to go through with it. I enjoy reading. But, every time I took up a pen and started to write, I got really bored," she says.