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Guess who else is vacationing in London?


By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

We’ve already informed you about Kareena and Saif’s family vacation to London…
But there is another couple who’s enjoying their holidays in the same city! Apart from SRK and his kiddos, that is. (Yes, they too are in London, enjoying a break from all that hectic shooting in Bulgaria.)

Any guesses?

It’s none other than our sweethearts Kajol and Ajay Devgun with their kids! Kajol, who is co-starring with SRK for Dilwale, also decided to take a break in London.

Wow! Looks like all of Bollywood is in London right now! Im sure we’d bump into atleast one B-Townie there if we’d visit the city. And that would be pretty awesome…