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Kainaat Arora hurt during performance!

Kainaat Arora

Mumbai, Dec. 19 -- She made a hit acting debut with Grand Masti this year. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Kainaat Arora is in demand for stage shows and live performances, especially during the wedding season. But last week, one of her acts turned into a painful experience.    

Kainaat was performing barefoot on stage at a wedding function when she pulled a muscle in her left leg. The actor suffers from Short Toe Syndrome, due to which she performs barefoot. "Kainaat was performing well when suddenly she felt the pain. She couldn't have stopped the performance right there, so she continued. But when she went backstage later, she was in a lot of pain," says an insider.    

When Kainaat came to Mumbai, her doctors asked her to rest for two-three days to let her injury heal. "She couldn't take complete rest because she has already   started rehearsals for her New Year's Eve act," adds the insider. Apparently, the actor will make R30 lakh for a three-minute performance in Kolkata on December 31.  

When contacted, Kainaat confirms the news, saying, "Yes, I pulled a muscle while performing, but I am happy that I managed to complete my performance and didn't disappoint my fans."