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Kailash: Singing for a cause!

New Delhi, April 4 -- He is known for his kind-heartedness, and now, singer Kailash Kher has gone a step ahead to do his best to spread awareness about cancer, musically!

Kher is dedicating a concert specially for a fan who died battling cancer. "Through friends, I met Aman, a diehard fan who worshiped me, but the worst part was that he was suffering from cancer. Music is the best way for awareness. I have done my charity shows before, but the feeling was very mechanical. This concert is from my heart," said the 40-year-old.

Kher also rejected two offers for music direction in films recently, says, "It's the same illegal contract issue. I have rejected two big banner films," adding, "I have been brought up with certain core values and I cannot go against them. If I would have, today people would have seen me owning a ferrari, like the honchos of the music industry do."

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