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Kailash releases single just for his fans!


New Delhi, July 7 -- Singer-composer Kailash Kher has given his fans something to cherish on his birthday. Kailash turns 43 today and has released a new single as a gift for his fans.

"A week ago, a fan tweeted and asked what was I planning to give my fans as a return gift on my birthday. That's when I decided that I can probably compose and give them a song which will make them smile," he says.

The song titled Bhole Chale, Bhole Chale Bum Bum was a conscious effort on Kailash's part and he says he wanted to write a song on Lord Shiva, hoping people across all age groups like it.

"I am a big follower of Lord Shiva and I wanted to do something related to him. I know whatever music I produce, people across all age groups will like it. All my songs have been appreciated by everyone including youngsters and I am sure they will even like this," he says.

He adds, "We are planning to release the single on my birthday and its video will follow soon."