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Kailash Kher: I have not sung pure Sufi..

Kailash Kher


Mumbai, Feb. 4 -- Singer Kailash Kher sprang a surprise on us when he said that he is yet to sing a Sufi song. "So far, my genre has been Kailasa, which means 'divinity' in Sanskrit. I have not sung any pure Sufi song. But my next album is pure 'nigrun' or Sufi in Persian," says Kailash, adding, "The general perception is that I sing Sufi. Some say it is rock, while others call it pop, but for me, it's something else. The Kailasa genre is divine, heavenly... something that brings solace. The genre is inspired by many things, but the sound remains contemporary."

In the Sufi genre, Kailash will sing the works of Kabir and Guru Nanak, among others. For that, he is also collaborating with folk singer Prahlad Singh Tipanya, who is famous for singing Kabir's poetry. Of the six songs in the new album, they will collaborate on three, while the rest will be solos by Kailash. "I adore Prahladji. In the album, he will remain at the forefront with me around him. Kabir vaani is usually associated with bhajans, but ours will be chants. I want to make it contemporary for the youth," he says.

Before the album hits the shelves, Kailash's new single, 'Meharbani', will be out towards the end of this month. "Ever since the sale of CDs have declined, singles are the next big thing. In the digital world, singles are doing well and many a time they get integrated in movies also," he says.

Meanwhile, travelling for concerts is keeping Kailash busy. "After being nominated by the Prime Minister, the responsibility of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is keeping me busier. This year, I will also be travelling to the UK and US for music awareness shows," says the singer.