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Kailash Kher: Bollywood musicians have a short shelf life..

Kailash Kher


Mumbai, Feb. 23 -- From 'Allah ke bande' (for Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II; 2003) and 'Ya rabba' (for Salaame-Ishq; 2007) to 'Tu jaane na' (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani; 2009) and 'Kaisi hai ye udaasi' (Karthik Calling Karthik; 2010) - Kailash Kher has sung several popular Bollywood numbers over the years.

But for some time now, he has cut down on working in the industry. Even though his newest song - 'Beti' (for an upcoming release) - has earned him a lot of praise, that doesn't take away from the fact that Kailash is not proud of the state of Bollywood music today.

"Composers churn out tracks to sell these days. They would rather create a hit than focus on the music or make something melodious," says the singer, adding, "Sometimes writers and even film producers' relatives write something silly, and that gets called the hook line. I don't want to associate myself with such work. I am a musician and I crave for creative satisfaction."

Kailash feels that the number of new singers being launched in Bollywood is also indicative of how little composers value the work of established artistes. "It is an insult," he says, adding that most of the new singers lack talent, while some don't have any at all. "Composers are increasingly relying on using technology rather than roping in real singers. So, like actresses, Bollywood musicians now have a short shelf life, too. They will last only till they can deliver hits," says Kailash.

He believes that the rate at which Bollywood music is being promoted has made it harder for independent artistes to bring their albums and singles into the spotlight. "We can attract people on digital platforms, but due to the bombardment of Bollywood music, it has become a bit difficult. We are seriously lacking when it comes to promoting real music. But I know I have my loyal fans, just like other senior artistes do. So, I will focus on my albums and singles for them, and I will hope the situation changes," he says.