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Syria-Lebanon border brings troubles for Kabir Khan!

While shooting his next film, which stars Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif, in Lebanon, Kabir found himself in a sticky situation.

"We were shooting on the Lebanon-Syria border and had re-created a refugee camp. Intelligence officials got suspicious as we were shooting with military vehicles, jeeps, trucks, real guns and hundreds of people dressed as refugees. We found planes flying over us," claims Kabir.

Filmmaker Kabir Khan is known to shoot in offbeat countries such as Afghanistan for his film Kabul Express (2006) and Cuba for Ek Tha tiger (2012).

The situation was sorted when the truth was revealed. "We had to clarify that it’s a film shoot. We were called up by the Lebanese military officials to find out where exactly we were shooting as we had taken permission from the Lebanese army to film in certain places," claims Kabir.

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