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Kabir Khan


Mumbai, Aug. 5 -- Before making his directorial debut with The Forgotten Army (1999), which was based on Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army, film-maker Kabir Khan had started his career as a cinematographer, with the documentary, Beyond The Himalayas (1996).

He then directed two more documentaries before venturing into Bollywood with Kabul Express (2006).

In fact, a few days ago, he told HT Cafe that he misses the thrill of documentary film-making, and that he hasn't had the time to make one ever since he started working on feature films.

Ask Kabir if he wants to direct a documentary again, and he says, "I do. I always believe that I will. But it might just be a Utopian idea in my head. I might not actually do it. But I wish I could [direct a documentary again]."

Despite having delivered multiple hits, including the latest, Bajrangi Bhaijaan (BB), Kabir admits that documentary photography gives him the "greatest thrill". "I like travelling across the world capturing images. Today, if you ask me what's my dream holiday, after two back-to-back hits, it would be going to an interesting city with my camera, and just roaming the streets, taking photos," he says.

At the moment, Kabir is happy that with BB, he has managed to strike a perfect balance between the real and the mainstream.

"There's a certain balance I have been trying to achieve ever since I dabbled in commercial cinema. I wanted to make something relatively real, yet engaging at the mainstream level. With BB, I have attained the optimum balance. Creatively, I am 100% satisfied with it," he says.