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Kabir Khan: Some films work some don't...


In an interview, Bollywood director Kabir Khan said that superstars like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan don’t bother about how much money each other’s films have made at the box office. 
Kabir’s last directorial venture Tubelight starring Salman Khan reportedly did a business of Rs 119 crore and the director says people in Bollywood are not bothered about numbers and it is all created by the media.
“I don’t think Salman is looking at what numbers Shah Rukh Khan’s film did and vice versa. They all are superstars in their own space. Some films may work sometimes and sometimes some films don’t. But they are all huge stars. I think it’s the race created by media, it’s fun to read. I don’t think in reality it exits,” he said.
He further said, “We enjoy each others films. When I see the work of other directors, I feel inspired. I don’t think there is any unhealthy rivalry between the directors. There is a general camaraderie. I wish I could make Dangal, it’s a lovely story. We had the story in front of us, we did not pick it up. It’s a story that I would have loved to narrate. I love Raju ji (Rajkumar Hirani), he is my favourite filmmaker. I love watching his films.”
But brushing the failure of big Bollywood projects under the carpet is not going to help the business. Both Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s films bombed at the box office and distributors wanted the stars to bail them out of the tough situation.
In fact, Salman Khan paid the distributors a huge amount of money and Shah Rukh Khan has done the same in the past with films like Asoka, so saying they won’t be affected by the bad box office performance doesn’t look appropriate as per the current scenario.