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Accident on Kabir's film set!

Kabir Khan

New Delhi, Nov. 1 -- Kabir Khan's next film, tentatively titled Daniyal Khan, seems to have met with a hitch in its first schedule itself. An eyewitness on the sets of the film reveals that two local artistes got hurt when they came in the way of a moving car. The move stars Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif.    

"In the sequence, a car had to go through some fire with people running around. But when the fire became intense, there was lots of smoke, and that's when the two artistes got hit. The driver of the car - who is also a local artiste - lost control because he couldn't see anyone due to the smoke," says the source.    

Saif and Katrina, who were at a safe distance, remained unhurt. The source adds, "Thankfully, they were not in the sequence so they escaped the mishap. The driver of the car remained unhurt too."    Apparently, a huge crowd gathered on the set, so the situation took some time to settle. When asked if anyone needed to be hospitalised, the source says, "They were immediately taken to a hospital. Both the artistes had fractured their legs."    

The shooting schedule is slated to finish by the end of this month, and the team is expected to return to Mumbai for Diwali (November 3).    Kabir confirmed the news, but when asked about the intensity of the accident, he played it down, saying, "Two people bumped into a car and hurt their shins."