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Juhi's role reversal

Juhi Chawla

Mumbai, Jan. 15 -- Known to have mostly played bubbly characters throughout her career, Juhi Chawla will be seen in a negative role for the first time in director Soumik Sen's directorial debut, Gulaab Gang. Apparently, Sen had a tough time convincing the actor to play the character of a politician.

"When she heard the script, she said that I was quite mad to even consider her for this role, and that's how could I possible envision her as Sumitra Devi."    

However, the director described the character to her in minute detail so that she considers the project. "I explained to her the unique mannerisms and character traits; as one sees in the trailer. Her demeanour is calm, cunning, conniving with quiet ruthlessness, which makes her truly menacing. Finally, Juhi got convinced in the next meeting and she came on board," says Soumik.    

Sen is certain the audience will love Juhi in her new avatar. "She will leave people thunderstruck since we're just so used to seeing her epitomise wonderfulness all the time," he says. A womancentric film, Gulaab Gang, also stars Madhuri Dixit.