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Juhi Chawla: 'I am specific about the work I do'

Juhi Chawla


New Delhi, Oct. 31 -- Actor Juhi Chawla is satisfied with the roles that she is being offered, and says that she is very choosy about the films which she does.

"I'm specific about the work I do. I like to take on a role only if there's something really special and fantastic about it," says the 46-year-old actor-turned-producer, adding that she is also happy with the number of films she does, of late. "I'm having a great time. It is not like I'm working everyday. I like doing one or two films in a year," she says.

However, asked if she misses the hectic schedules, she exclaims that she still does not have any time for herself in the day. "Probably for the last 12 years, my days have only been about dressing up and going to work. But not anymore. I feel that now my life is like a bouquet of flowers. I travel now and concentrate on the social causes which I feel strongly about," says Juhi, who was seen in Gulaab Gang, earlier this year, where she played a negative role for the first time in her close to three-decade long career.