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Rumors of Johny Lever dead untrue says daughter..

Johny Lever

By Tulsi, News Network

Can you believe it? There are actually rumors floating that Johny Lever is no more! Thankfully, his daughter has come to the rescue and clarified on Twitter that he is perfectly fine, and extremely busy with work!

Jamie tweeted: “There’s a false rumour out about dad. FYI he is absolutely alright Fit as ever at shoot today.”

Thank god! After all, he is the legendary comedian of Bollywood! It would have been really sad news! And of course, he is just 57! We are expecting some more comedy out of him…

For those of you who don’t know, Johny Lever will be seen in Shahrukh-Kajol-Varun-Kriti starter Dilwale! He will also be seen in Housefull 3 which will be hitting the screens next year…

So relax, guys… You’ll be seeing him soon!