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John's looking after Natalia!

John Abraham


Mumbai, July 23 -- John Abraham is currently shooting for Nishikant Kamat's next in Hyderabad. The film is an official adaptation of the Korean movie, The Man From Nowhere (2010). And, according to sources, the actor is looking out for his co-star Nathalia Kaur.    

"John has been looking into which costumes would suit her character and helping out with her look. He also helps her rehearse her lines before each shot," says a source, close to John. The team started shooting last month.    

When asked about this, Nathalia reveals that she was nervous about shooting scenes with John, but the latter turned out to be supportive and made her comfortable. "At first, I was very nervous as I have never interacted with John before. It made me more nervous to know that my first-ever scene was with him," she says, adding, "I had lots of lines and he had nearly none. He didn't have any reactions to what I would say either. But luckily, he was supportive and patient throughout. He gave me a lot of encouragement before and during the scenes, which made it much easier for me."