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John Abraham wants an action movie with all the stars of Bollywood!

By Khushboo, News Network

If there is any hero in Bollywood today who is tailor-made for action movies, it has to be none other than John Abraham. The actor himself also loves a lot to do action movies.

With a rock-solid enviable physique, which is best suited for action movies, John himself has many aspirations in Bollywood. Recently, in the answer to a question asked to him about his opinion of Bollywood action movies, John expressed his future plans regarding the same.

John Abraham revealed that he had a dream that someday he would make an action movie in Bollywood which shall be as big as the Hollywood action flick, ‘The Expendables’.

He said, “It would be fun to blow up all the buildings right?"

So, it is imaginable from this that what is John’s opinion about Bollywood action movies and what level, he wants to take them to.

It seems that John is very serious about his dream. In this regard, the ‘Rocky Handsome’ star further explained that ‘The Expendables’ had 30 actors in it. So, he would cast all the actors of Bollywood in his dream action project.

Now, it is for us to see if all the actors of Bollywood agree to share the big screen for John’s dream action project. Meanwhile, we can still get thrilled with the fairly high-octane action sequences of ‘Rocky Handsome’ which is out in theatres now.