John Abraham
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John Abraham likes being approachable

John Abraham

Bollywood stars are known to step out on Mumbai’s streets with an entourage that almost always consists of bodyguards, whose job it is to keep star-struck fans at bay and prevent situations from getting out of control. But John Abraham seems to be an exception.

The actor has no inhibitions about being seen in public without his security. In fact, he recently did so when he had a guest visiting him at his plush office (near Union Park) in Bandra.

The actor decided to see his guest off. And when John stepped out on the street, a lot of fans, especially women, recognised the actor and approached him.

Ask him about this incident and he says, "I step out for a walk very often. I had a guest visiting me and he wanted to take a cab. Since there wasn’t anyone around in the office, I told him I’ll walk him to one. So we walked from my office to Carter Road (Bandra)."

The actor goes on to add that he doesn’t find anything strange about stepping out without his security guards. He says, “It’s alright. It’s my way of telling people that I’m approachable and I have no problem with it all.”