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John Abraham: 'I fill in for other actors'

John Abraham


New Delhi, Aug. 2 -- Actor-producer John Abraham is known to lend his star power to social causes. He says it is his mother who has inspired him to work for the underpriviliged. "I have grown up seeing my mother work selflessly for those who need it. And now, when I can help them, I do it through my mom. She divides her time between an old-age home, underpriviliged kids and kids suffering from cancer," he says.

When the kids express the wish to meet a particular actor, and if that particular actor is not available, his mother calls him to fill in. And, being the charming son that he is, he happily obliges. "I am a replacement of Salman Khan and other actors," laughs 41-year-old actor, explaining, "These kids often wish to meet an actor, if that person isn't available, my mom would call me up and I have to oblige. More than these kids, it brings happiness to me. It makes me happy to see these kids smile."

And he says that not just the kids, even the elderly need a lot of care and love. "The old age home where my mom works twice a week, is a beautiful place," he says. When asked if he gets affected by some of the stories, he recounts, "Sometimes it really does. For instance, they would come and drop their parents at the home and say, I will come back to pick you up tomorrow. But everyone knows, they won't, except for the parents. That really makes me angry. How can children treat their parents like that?"