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John Abraham: Head Bang!

John Abraham


Mumbai, Feb. 11 -- Last month, reports revealed that John Abraham had hurt his back while shooting for a chase sequence in Dubai for director Anees Bazmee's next. Now, the actor has hurt himself again on the sets of the same film. This time, he has banged his head on a table while performing a stunt for the film, which is a sequel to Welcome (2007).

Apparently, the 42-year-old was still recovering from the backache from the previous injury when he insisted on shooting for this action scene. "We had asked him to shoot it later, but he was excited about it. Then, during the scene, he hurt his head on a table even after being briefed by the action director, Abbas Ali Moghul," says Anees.

Even Abbas tried to convince the actor to shoot the sequence later. "I had warned John that it's a dangerous act, but he insisted on performing it," says Abbas.

That's not all. Even after John hurt his head, he refused to rest. "He concealed his bruises with make-up and continued shooting. It was the last scene and we were supposed to pack up after that, so he wanted to complete it," adds Anees. John saw a doctor after the shoot. The film, which is a comedy, also has a fair amount of action.