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I would have played football for India, says John Abraham

John Abraham


Football fan John Abraham is ready to make the country 'live the magic’ of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The actor-producer, who is doing a film based on the sport and has even invested in a football franchise, believes the fever for the game will scale new heights once Indian football finds its hero.

"One sporting hero can totally change the fabric of a sport in a country. Bhaichung Bhutia nearly made it there, but we need one hero. The minute we get that hero, watch football change in this country. It will take time, but it will change," says the actor, who has been roped in as the 2014 FIFA World Cup brand ambassador in India.

John grew up watching Argentine footballer Diego Maradona’s skilful play thanks to his father, who woke him up early in the morning to watch football matches. Soon he started playing himself. So much so, that he now says, "I would have played for India, but I had to make a choice between football and my MBA."

But now, at 41, he is living his childhood passion, in a different way of course.

So, which team is he backing this time? "Well, I need to study the teams very carefully to be honest. But, if I had to put a little bit of money on three or four teams, I would go with Germany and Argentina, and I wouldn’t rule out Spain and maybe Brazil," he says.