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Homosexuality is a sensitive topic: John on Dostana sequel


Bollywood actor John Abraham’s hit film Dostana (2008) remains one of his most memorable projects. Following the movie’s box-office success, there was widespread speculation about a sequel being planned. It has been eight years since then, and there has been no official update. The film revolved around two men (John and Abhishek Bachchan) who lie about being gay to rent an apartment with an attractive girl (Priyanka Chopra).

Would making a movie on a sensitive topic such as homosexuality be a tricky task today? John certainly thinks so. “It is (a sensitive topic). It will be interesting to see how a sequel to Dostana will be made now. Times have evolved, and so have I. But I do wish Karan (Johar; producer) makes it happen,” says John.

Striking a balance

Though the star is primarily known for his commercial hits such as Housefull 2 (2012) and Dhoom (2004), over the years, he has also been appreciated in offbeat films such as Kabul Express (2006) and Madras Cafe (2013). “I like taking up subjects that are relevant and affect the world in some way. But, such films should be made in a commercial and entertaining way too. I’m very clear about that, as these are the films I enjoy doing. One cannot be preachy,” he says.

Speaking of his Bollywood journey so far, John says he takes pride in the fact that, as a person, he is “still the same guy”. “The one thing that everyone says about me is that I have not changed. People around me have changed. I have seen them come and go. A lot of people who have criticised me, or have given me a lot of attitude, are not part of the industry today. But I’m still here, so I must be doing something right,” says the actor.

Staying low

Gossip columns often carry reports about supposed cold wars between co-stars on the sets of multi-starrers. John, somehow, has managed to steer clear of such stories. He shares a friendly rapport with most of his co-stars, be it Abhishek, Akshay Kumar or his Dishoom co-star Varun Dhawan. He credits these healthy equations to his “protective” nature. “Since I was in school, I have been used to hanging out with boys,” he says, adding, “My co-stars look at me as someone they feel safe around. I’m also generally protective of people around me. Honestly, there’s only one thing that all male and female actors have in common: insecurity. I choose not to give into that.”

Have these people stood by him when he’s needed them? “I think your battles have to be your own. Having said that, I would like to add that people in the industry have been lovely to me,” says John.

The actor adds that even though he did not come from a film family, he shares a great relationship with most star kids in Bollywood. “There are no sour grapes for industry kids, because they have all been fantastic [in their movies]. Today, they are among the people I’m closest to, be it Abhishek or Varun,” says John.