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Family comes first for Jimmy Sheirgill!

Jimmy Shergill


New Delhi, Feb. 3 -- Actor Jimmy Sheirgill, who has been married to Priyanka Puri for 15 years, is a doting father and an adorable husband, and his fondness for his family is all too evident in his interviews. In a recent chat with us, the 45-year-old spoke at length about his wife and son Veer, and also mentioned that they both mean the world to him.

"When I am out on shoots, it becomes really difficult to be without my wife and son. I love my family a lot and I have been through my life's thick and thin with them. So for me, the urge to be with them soon after the shoot gets over is more than they have to see me come home," he said.

The actor also shared how his wife has been his pillar of strength during tough times. "My wife has played a significant role in both my personal and professional life ever since we got married in 2001. I wouldn't have been able to take some of the strongest decisions of my life without her support," he shares, adding: "Priyanka has been really supportive as a wife. She is my role model and I am happy I fell in love with her in the first place. 15 years have passed by and every day with my wife brings something new to our relationship. I believe I am now a complete family man and my world revolves around two beautiful people - my wife and my son."