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Jeetendra gets social media savvy!

Jeetendra Kapoor


Mumbai, March 4 -- Apart from making a few appearances on TV shows and at select events, veteran actor Jeetendra has mostly maintained a low profile in the last decade or so.

Now, however, the 72-year-old is set to become accessible to his fans via social media. His son, Tusshar Kapoor, tells us that he has finally succeeded in convincing his father to join Twitter.

"Dad is very mobile-savvy, but he isn't tech-savvy. So, I will sit with him and tell him all about using the Internet, and how he can upload photos and post messages, etc.," says Tusshar.

To persuade his father, the 38-year-old gave him the examples of his contemporaries, including Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi and Hema Malini, among others, who are all active on the same microblogging site.

"Apart from interesting anecdotes, dad also has a huge collection of memorabilia from bands such as The Beatles to other old classic Hollywood stuff, which he will soon be able to share with his fans. He is also very fond of reading and collecting box-office figures," says Tusshar, who got Jeetendra interested in the website after he showed him his own timeline. Tusshar has also bought his father a new tablet to celebrate his initiation into social media.