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Jeet Gannguli: I'm super excited for my first gig in Delhi!


For Jeet Gannguli, a music composer and singer who has performed across the globe since the age of 12, Delhi has so far been an uncharted territory. 
And that’s why he’s really looking forward to his first gig in the Capital on January 14.
“Can you believe I’ve never had the chance to perform in Delhi? I have been a stage musician all my life, but as an artist, I have never, for some reason, been able to perform in Delhi. I’m super excited to perform and meet my Delhi fans, who have been waiting to see me live for so long,” says Jeet.
He knows that the Delhi crowd will be as energetic as most audiences are for live gigs. “They always sing along. There are some songs of mine that I end up repeating during my gig because the crowd keeps asking for it. Suno Na Sangemarmar (Youngistaan; 2014) is one such song... I play it at least three to four times at every gig, and the crowd sings along every time,” he adds.
Another first for the 40-year-old artist will be independent music, after he launches his single, Barish, in February. “People in my record label said it’s time to make music for myself. I have composed eight songs that I will release every month, and then release it is an entire album,” he shares.
Jeet, who has composed music for films such as Aashiqui 2 (2013) and Citylights (2014), adds, “Musicians these days are getting a lot of visibility through social media and internet. Their music, not just film music, but independent music as well is getting noticed and it’s a great thing for us musicians... Our music industry has always been a part of the film industry, unlike the West. But that’s slowly changing... Soon, the music industry will be able to stand on its own. This is the right time to get into this space.”