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Jeet Ganguly: I didn't know Delhi loves me!

Jeet Ganguly


New Delhi, May 22 -- Music director Jeet Ganguly, who is known for hits such as Chahun Main Ya Naa (Aashiqui 2, 2013) and Suno Na Sangemarmar (Youngistan, 2014), says that he didn't know that Delhi loves him.

"I have performed in Delhi many a time before but it has always been for the Bengali audiences during Durga Puja, and have always felt good about it. But in April when I sang my latest Hindi songs in front of a packed Delhi audience, I got a response that I just did not expect," he says.

"The audience went crazy. They were humming with me and were swaying while I sang, cheering and shouting my name. It was magical! I never expected I will get this amount of love in Delhi especially from the North-Indian audiences," adds the ecstatic Ganguly.

So did he get a chance to try some famous Delhi food? "Unfortunately, I didn't. But I will make sure that I grab some during my next trip."