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Glad I'm being acknowledged as a Bollywood actor, says Jay

Jay Bhanushali


New Delhi, Aug. 16 -- Actor Jay Bhanushali might be just three films old in Bollywood but it has taught him a great deal about staying in touch with fans and interacting with media.

"I used to be a very shy guy when I started TV, and I didn't do too many press conferences. Nor did I speak to my fans or the media. But films have taught me that it's very important to get connected," says Jay, who made his Bollywood debut with Hate Story 2 (2014). "It feels very nice to be recognised as a Bollywood actor, to get introduced at events with your own song and talk to people about your own work," he adds.

The 30-year-old actor became a well-known face on television before stepping into films but he does not intend to move away from the small screen forever.

"Whatever respect I've got in films is thanks to my TV career. I am happy that I am from a TV background because then people already knew me and it worked in my favour," he says, and adds, "I don't want to snub television because I am getting film offers. Rather, I prefer balancing my time between the two mediums."

But some television actors do leave their TV shows to pursue films and come back after failed attempts.

Jay says, "I know this happens a lot. It just shows that you are not respecting what you have earned on TV, you're treating it as a second option. When the time comes, the TV industry also does not respect such actors. One must be loyal to what has helped them earn their bread in the first place," says Jay.