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When Jacqueline's cousins met Ranbir..

Jacqueline Fernandez


New Delhi, Oct. 1 -- Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez recently shot for a schedule of her next alongside actor Ranbir Kapoor in Malaysia.

A few of Jacqueline's cousins, who stay there, went to see her on the sets, also hoping to meet Ranbir. Her cousins were apparently excited about her shoot. That's why she called them over, and they got to meet Ranbir and other cast members as well.

"As soon as her cousins came to know that Jacqueline is shooting in Malaysia, they called her and told her they wanted to meet her and Ranbir," says a source close to Jacqueline, adding, "They also wanted to watch her perform live on the set. That was another reason for their visit."

Apart from meeting Ranbir, Jacqueline's cousins also got to meet actor Arjun Rampal and director Vikramjit Singh. "They interacted with everyone, and were there for four to five hours. They told the stars that they follow all their movies and were big fans of Bollywood films," adds the source. When contacted, Jacqueline confirms the news, saying, "My cousins in Malaysia were extremely excited to watch the shoot as they are huge Bollywood buffs."