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When Jacqueline turned into a chocolatier!

Jacqueline Fernandez


New Delhi, Jan. 2 -- Actors often talk about missing the sets of their film once the shoot is over, but Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez decided to make it special when she surprised everyone on the last day of her shoot.

The star cast and the crew were busy wrapping up the shoot of their film, Roy, in Langkawi, Malaysia, when the actor decided to do something nice for everyone on the sets. "It was the last day of the shoot and everyone, including the cast and the crew, were very emotional. It had been an amazing shoot, and no one wanted it to end so soon. Jacqueline surprised everyone with her generous gesture. She made chocolates for everyone, and made sure that they all got at least a box to take back home," says a source close to the actor.

The actor had clearly made efforts to make sure the chocolates were fabulous. "She specially went grocery shopping, and even looked up lessons online to perfect her chocolate-making skills," added the source.

Everyone appreciated the gesture. "The entire cast and the crew present on the set were touched by the gesture and made sure to thank Jacqueline. The last day is always special and emotional, and this made it perfect," says the source.