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OMG: Jacqueline "kicked out" of Kick sequel??!

Jacqueline Fernandez

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

This shocking news has really got the grapevine buzzing! Kick has been Salman’s biggest grosser so far, and has been a turning point for Jackie as well! However, lately there have been rumors that Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez have had a fall out, and that Sallu is super annoyed with her for some reason!

Apparently, it as something to do with Salman’s hit-and-run case. When the entire Bollywood stood for Sallu, Jackie was nowhere to be seen. And that’s a bit odd, because he’s always been there for her!

It’s a real pity, because the two were such good friends! Also, the sequel of Kick would have been a huge hit on Jackie’s career graph!

The news hasn’t been officially confirmed yet… But when Salman was asked about the Kick sequel, in his witty humorous way, he said: “Sajid and I will work together then... whenever it happens. However, there will be no Jacqueline. She has been 'Kick'ed out. Now we will find someone else."