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Not knowing Hindi was tough, says actor Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez

By HT Brunch

On why Sri Lanka will always remain home to being jobless between two releases in a year, Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez chats up on a host of topics with HT Brunch.

If not an actress, you'd have been...
A documentarian.

Your first crush.
I don't remember his name, but I was in Class 2.

The best thing about being Jacqueline Fernandez.
I get to travel a lot.

Sri Lanka, Canada, Bahrain, Australia and now India, which country do you prefer?
Sri Lanka because my family lives there. But now, India is pretty much home too.

Modelling or Bollywood, which is easier?
I think acting is easier for me because I am more passionate about it.

What's the hardest part about making it in Bollywood, also since you're an outsider?
Not being able to speak Hindi fluently.

Your recent tweet said you did 5,000 squats! Did you really?
That was a joke!

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If you could insure a part of your body, which would it be?
My eyebrows.

Which is more embarrassing to reveal - your diary, WhatsApp chats or music playlist?
My music playlist.

A chef, a mathematician, head of a nation or a Bollywood actor - choose your date.
A chef.

A food item you just can't resist.
Milk and rice.

Three things a man should bring along while on a date with you.
He must have good table manners, a great sense of humour and be chivalrous.

One thing you're obsessive about.

Who is your 3am friend?
I'm asleep at 3am.

Your favourite way to unwind.

A piece of advice you wish someone gave you when you were 14 years old.
Don't be afraid to admit what your dreams are.

A Bollywood actor you are dying to work with?
You'll know. I'm already working with that someone at the moment.

Your favourite gadget at the moment.
A kitchen appliance - a dehydrator that turns vegetables into chips.

You never leave the gym without...
My water bottle.

Your favourite hangout in Mumbai.
Pali Village Cafe.

One thing we don't know about you.
I never hide anything.

The last line of your autobiography would read...
It would be an Instagram picture.

Birthday: June 2
Sun Sign: Gemini
Place of birth: Sri Lanka
Home country: Sri Lanka
School/College: University of Sydney
First break: Aladin (2009)
High Point of Your Life: Winning Miss Sri Lanka
Low Point of Your Life: Being jobless in India for a year despite two releases. It was so hard that I wanted to leave.
Currently I am… Unveiling The Love Diet, a book by Shonali Sabherwal.