Jacqueline Fernandez
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Jacqueline takes the 'pole' position!


Mumbai, July 31 -- From Parkour, yoga, to regular gym workouts, Bollywood stars are known to opt for different fitness regimes. 
Now, we have learnt that Jacqueline Fernandez has discovered a new way of being fit - pole dancing. 
"Yes, besides her regular workout routines, Jacqueline added a completely new pattern of pole dancing in her fitness regimen last week," says an insider. 
Since Jacqueline loves organic methods, she feels pole dancing is a "completely natural way to stay fit and flexible." 
"Jacqueline indulges in her new fitness routine whenever her schedule permits. She also takes time off from her work schedule to practice pole dancing," says the insider. 
In fact, she recently also posted a few pictures and videos of her pole dancing on Instagram. Jacqueline, on her part, feels that pole dancing is "really difficult." 
The actor says, "It's actually a sport, which could be recognised as an Olympic sport. It's extremely difficult too as you need a lot of strength to be able to carry yourself onto the pole and then basically be able to dance and perform as well."
The Housefull 3 (2016) actor adds that for her the "toughest part was getting over how painful it is to your skin." 
She adds: "While doing pole dancing, the pole pulls the skin a lot and it takes a lot of time for your skin to get used to that sensation. That was the toughest and painful part for me."