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Jacqueline: the good(ie) Samaritan!

Jacqueline Fernandez


Mumbai, May 6 -- Jacqueline Fernandez is back from Poland after completing a two-week schedule of her next with Salman Khan, and she's returned bearing a whole lot of goodies for her staff members.

Though she had very little free time amidst her hectic schedule, the actor made it a point to buy gifts for her staff back in India. The presents might not have been very expensive, but they were thoughtful, as she got them things that they had wanted to buy for themselves. "Jacqueline's staff members were in for a surprise when she gifted them things they had been wanting for a while. They often discuss shopping with her, so she knew what the perfect gift for each would be," says a source.

In fact, the actor even surprised her make-up artiste, who had accompanied her in Poland. "They had gone to a market there, but the artiste did not know Jacqueline was buying things for her team. She gifted her fancy hats and scarves," adds the source.

When contacted, the actor's spokesperson confirmed the news.