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IIFA: Jacqueline performs despite injury!

Jacqueline Fernandez


Mumbai, June 7 -- Jacqueline Fernandez is currently in Malaysia to perform at an awards event. While rehearsing for a dance act, the actor apparently lost balance and tripped. She suffered an injury on the ankle of her right leg.

"Jacqueline had to jump for one of the steps, and while rehearsing for it, she lost balance and tripped. She'd twisted her right leg and suffered an injury on her ankle," says a source close to the actor, adding,

"Since she had to finish practising on the same day, she resumed practise after receiving first aid."

Apparently, Jacqueline has been popping painkillers as her ankle is swollen.

"She is excited about her performance as she considers the awards event really important," adds the source.

While the actor remained unavailable for a comment, her spokesperson confirmed the news, and said, "Jacqueline will perform at an awards event in Malaysia despite suffering a leg injury.