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Jackky Bhagnani: Mobbed, shoot cancelled..

Jackky Bhagnani


Mumbai, March 12 -- We have often heard of actors getting mobbed while shooting at outdoor locations. Last week, a similar incident occurred on the sets of a film starring Jackky Bhagnani and Arshad Warsi.

While the team was shooting on the streets of Khajrana in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, the actors got surrounded by a huge crowd. And apparently, when the security personnel tried to guard the film's unit, a few people threw stones at them.

"As it was an outdoor shoot, local police was manning the sets. But the mob got overexcited on seeing Bollywood actors on the streets and they tried to enter the sets. When the security tried to stop them, a few people started pelting them with stones," says a source from the production house.

During the chaos, Jackky and a crew member got hurt. Explaining the episode, the source says, "When the agitated crowd was throwing stones, Jackky got hit on his head and a crew member hurt his hand. Although the injuries were not grave, the unit decided to cancel the shoot and return to Mumbai."

When contacted, Jackky recounted the incident, and said, "Since it's a small town, films are hardly shot there. The locals could not control their excitement on seeing us shooting on the streets. The situation got out of control."

But now, apparently, security arrangements have been improved and the crew travelled back to Khajrana yesterday (March 11) to resume the shoot.