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Proud to be recognised as Tiger's father: Jackie

Jackie Shroff


Mumbai, Oct. 19 -- Jackie Shroff was nostalgic when we caught up with him at the ongoing Mumbai Film Festival. The actor had attended a special screening of his 1989 film, Parinda, which also won him his first best actor award. And, when he settled in for a chat, Jackie opened up about the film, his son - Tiger, and more.

What does Parinda mean to you?

I just don't get bored of the film. I saw it after a gap of three months on the big screen. Everything about it is still fresh in my mind, be it what I learnt from Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor, or from the technicians.

Is it true that Anil had asked you to be part of the movie?

Yes, he'd wanted me to play his elder brother in the film. I told him, "You just want me to leave the industry, right as I get the role of your elder brother in every film?" (smiles). But when he made me listen to the songs from the movie, I fell in love with them. I thought if a director can make such good songs, I'm sure the movie will be great.

You will be seen in Farah Khan's new film. Tell us about that.

I had a great time while working on the film. I did it for Shah Rukh Khan. He said "Jaggu mere liye kar (do it for me)... I just want you to look good" and I said yes.

While you are an extrovert, Tiger has a reserved personality. He addresses most people as 'sir'.

I'm happy that he calls everyone 'sir'. I want him to set an example for younger generations to respect their seniors. I feel happy when women introduce me to their kids as Tiger's father.