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Jackie Shroff reacts to Krishna Shroff's topless picture

Jackie Shroff

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Yes, the picture that Krishna Shroff, Jackie Shroff’s daughter, shared on her Instagram profile and went viral. She looks beautiful and sensual in them… But of course, pictures like that are bound to be talked about, shared, and go viral.

Yesterday we shared with you how cool and confident Krishna was about the whole thing. She explained that it was for a friend’s photoshoot.

But the point is, does she really need to explain?

Here’s what daddy has to say about those photographs!

“I don’t like interfering in my kids’ lives. Both Tiger and Krishna are well brought up kids and they understand what to do and how to do. They will be the best to answer about themselves. I don’t like talking about them because I am comfortable with whatever they do. Let me clarify one thing- she is not topless in the pictures. For a picture to be topless, you won’t be wearing anything. You should have checked the picture a little more clearly. She has a towel wrapped around her. How can you even call it a topless picture.”

True that! Isn’t he the most awesome-est!?