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Jackie Shroff to promote his son?

New Delhi, March 10 -- Actor Jackie Shroff 's son, Tiger Shroff, is preparing to make his big debut in May this year. And now his father, who is clearly excited about the launch, is planning on helping promote the film.    

Insiders reveal that Jackie has been getting calls from people within the industry asking him to help his son out. The source further reveals that many Bollywood A-listers - primarily producers and directors - have been reaching out to him to offer their support as well.    

"They're also urging Jackie to play a role in the promotions as he has a major fan base. It will be fun to see him interact with the crowd along with his son. They've not really made a big appearance together in the past, so this is also a good opportunity to do that."

Sajid Nadiadwala, who is producing this film that also stars debutante Kriti Sanon, confirms the news, saying, "Jackie enjoys a lot of goodwill in Bollywood. The industry is looking forward to his son, Tiger's launch. We are keen for his parents to be part of this at every step."

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